The Infinity

The INFINITY, a mixed-used development rising at 48 stories.  A first of its kind at the heart of Bonifacio Global City, it is a unique fusion of luxurious living, efficient work environment and premium commercial establishments. An expression of the future, The INFINITY is the address of today’s modern lifestyle. A distinctive work of architecture by Recio + Casas, marked by world-class interiors and unparalleled amenities. Surrounded by leading businesses, commercial and recreational facilities, and renowned educational institutions, The INFINITY in Fort Bonifacio is what an investor needs and beyond.
LIMITLESS possibilities in urban living. BOUNDLESS lifestyle options. IMMEASURABLE quality and style.
For those who want the best in life, forty-eight (48) floors in the heart of Bonifacio Global City, this is The INFINITY. The INFINITY — a style of living unlike any other, the first of its kind in Fort Bonifacio: Unique mix of retail and commercial establishments Luxury residential units, marked by world-class interiors and amenities Balanced and complete, first rate and state-of-the-art.
The INFINITY offices. Strategically located at the heart of everything. Well-designed offices from the 6th to the 10th level, backed with modern and vibrant office spaces, perfectly designed for the young entrepreneurs of the new generation.
No  need to brave the heavy traffic to get to work.
No need to experience the hustle and bustle of city life.
No need to feel harassed.
The INFINITY has it all.
Residential units start from the 11th to the 48th level. Only 12 residential units to a floor, your assurance of utmost privacy and serenity.
A perfect balance of style and comfort. Luxurious and engineered to perfection. Where everything speaks of endless possibilities.
A distinctive work by Recio + Casas… elegantly built to provide our investors with everything they want, need and then some more.
Cafes.   Delis.  Convenience store.  Salon. Comfort is on call, all accessible to you 24/7. A new sense of flexibility and style, a new taste of unparalleled accommodation, a new excitement of living.
The INFINITY provides you with everything you need at any time you want. A world-class service right at your doorstep.
BEYOND INFINITY Convenient and Accessible. Schools and Shopping Centers, Country Club and  Art Venues, Restaurants and Bars. The INFINITY is where the action is. Traffic will never be your excuse for being late in school. Boring will never be a word in your vocabulary anymore. Curfew will never be a problem for staying up late during party time.
The INFINITY sees what is beyond the horizon. Indulge in a refreshing, stylish experience of a five-star address. Enjoy the privacy and exclusivity of an enclave that is central to it all. The INFINITY is a sophisticated living space with an environment that is complete. With the newly-built Promenade, The INFINITY, connects to a a pedestrian highway that will showcase more than 150 high-end retail and commercial establishments.
The INFINITY…  everything you need and beyond. Beyond limits.  Beyond boundaries.  Beyond expectations. This is what The INFINITY is all about.
We see beyond the horizon.  We don’t allow ourselves  to be put in a box.  We are innovators.  Your convenience.  Our pleasure.The INFINITY is what you want to go home to after a hard day’s night.  It is what you want to wake-up to before facing the world and all its complexities. It is what you dreamed of.  It is what we are made of.
Feature & Amenities
The INFINITY hosts a variety of first-class, state-of-the-art amenities — an oasis for those who aim for health,  a wellness center for the whole family.
Our amenities provide an environment that is complete… cohesive…  sophisticated.
– Spa
– Fitness Center/Gym
– Pool
– Other amenities:
– Club lounge
– Daycare and play area
– Function room
– Everything — just a step away. What you need — just an arms length away.
Without Balcony
37 sq.m. or 398.12 sqft.
42 sq.m. or 451.92 sqft.
Without Balcony

54 sq.m. or 581.04 sqft.
Starts at P4M

67 sq.m. or 720.92 sqft.
86 sq.m. or 925.36 sqft.
183 sq.m. or 1,969.08 sqft.
270 sq.m or 2,905.20 sq.ft.

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